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Company for sale

The English limited company Escala Ltd is up for sale.

The company was incorporated in 2000 (Companies House Information) and its activities are described as an "Information technology consultancy" and offered training, development, consultancy to its clients.

Clients included IBM in UK, Ireland and Europe.

Any buyer of Escala Ltd is likley to be eligible to gain tax advantages, because of losses over the last two years.

Additionally, the domain name associated with the company would be included as part of this sale: "escala.co.uk" and would provide the basis for a new website on www.escala.co.uk.

The name of the company is itself an attractive name and would be suitable for any other company wishing to open up a new venture in the U.K.

For further information, contact by email the current owner and managing director:

The original home page may be found here.

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Updated 2021-11-29.