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Working with Consultant Partners

There are many situations where Escala can work alongside partner consulting organisations to assist with technology transfer to client staff. A typical situation is where partner staff are working with the client for a medium / long term period, to oversee the development and the delivery of a significant enterprise system.

Escala can be introduced, in a timely manner, to train the client staff and assist in the earliest iterations of the development.

The following table gives an example of such a situation:

Consulting Partner

Works with client to determine:

  • requirements / full-scale scoping
  • project plan
  • client staffing
  • training plan (1)
  • architecture
Escala can assist with architecting of systems that include technologies such as DataPower, J2EE, XML, Database mapping, Ruby, Rails.

Works with client key staff to:

  • design
  • analyze
  • document

the system to be built.


Arranges for client development team training in areas shown in:

Escala can assist in the delivery of most of this training if required by partner.
Arranges for client development team to commence real development, using Escala Immersion Program. Partner staff would typically leave Escala staff to take client development teams through this process over two / four weeks, allowing partner staff to make plans for the rest of project. Partner staff would be involved with scoping of Immersion Program, and review sessions during its running.

Escala can provide the Immersion Program to kick-start the client development team making use of all of the concepts, techniques, programming langugages, tools they have learnt about, but not yet had any real opportunity to put into practice:

  • on a smaller, selected scope of the full project
  • one or two full iterations of the development cycle
  • developing client staff skills:
    • modeling, architecting
    • programming, testing, integration
    • deployment, review

This would typically be for one or two iterations, each having a duration of two weeks. This could also use any of a variety of development approaches, e.g. RUP, DSDM, Agile.

Partner staff would take over the guidance of the client development team, with their practical skills and knowledge significantly enhanced by the Immersion Program.

Partner staff see the client's project through to completion.

Escala can assist with specialist implementation issues and best practices. The partner staff would benefit from the extensive experience that Escala staff have in these areas.



Java / J2EE / XML / Web Services / DataPower / Smalltalk