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Training Summary

Course and Seminar List

Course Name
Short Summary
Ruby, ActiveRecord and Rails for Enterprise Applications
5 days
How to use Ruby-based tools for application development, access to databases, and deployment to application / web servers (e.g. Tomcat, WebSphere).
XQuery and XML Storage using IBM DB2 v9
3 days
How to use the new native XML storage and XQuery processing capabilities of IBM DB2 v9. Includes in-depth coverage of XQuery and associated technologies.
Objects and Enterprise Technologies
2 days
A broad, high-level view of objects, analysis & design, and enterprise Java-based technologies and tools.
Essentials of HTML & JavaScript for e-Business
2 days
How to produce Web pages with a focus on client-side & server-side processing within a multi-tiered architecture.
Enterprise Java Foundation
5 days
Classes & Object Concepts, Java syntax, Interfaces, Exceptions, RMI, JDBC, Packages, JARS, J2EE Preview. Provides prerequisite for J2EE training in one hit (WebSphere, WebLogic, etc.).
XML Technology Overview
2 days
XML, DTD, Namespaces, XML Schema, XPath, XSL, XSLT, XSL-FO, Parsing XML, Web Services. In-depth overview, many demonstrations, no hands-on.
XML Development Workshop
3 days
XML, DTD, Namespaces, XML-Schema, XPath, DOM, SAX, CSS, XSL, XSLT, XSL-FO, vocabularies. Hands-on for content people.
XML for Enterprise Applications
4 days
XML, DTD, Namespaces, XML-Schema, XPath, DOM, SAX, XSL, XSLT, XSL-FO, XQuery, Web Services, use in multi-tiered architectures, vocabularies, use of Java libraries. Hands-on for enterprise developers.
Developing Enterprise Web Services using JAX-WS
4 days
Web Services overview, programming SOAP clients and servers. Also WSDL and UDDI. Using JAX-WS API. Review MS .NET, Perl and other toolsets.
Developing Enterprise Web Services using Apache AXIS
4 days
Web Services overview, programming SOAP clients and servers. Also WSDL and UDDI. Using Apache AXIS framework. Review MS .NET and other toolsets.
XML & Web Services Overview - Seminar
1 day
High-level overview seminar on XML and Web Services technologies.
Apache Ant - Automated Build and Processing
2 days
Use of Apache Ant for automated build, testing of enterprise systems.
5 days
Object development for VisualAge / VisualWorks / Visual.


Training partnerships

We run XML, DataPower, WebSphere Process Server, Web Services, XQuery, Enterprise Java courses on behalf of IBM for their customers and internal staff
XMLSpy / Altova


  • See also our Immersion Program to assist kick-start your projects after your team has had its initial training
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