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Helping Clients Succeed with Enterprise e-Business Applications



Our mission is to assist clients in successful delivery of systems using the latest component-based enterprise development technologies.

Escala's new projects with QR Codes:

  • general design of Attractive, Branded, Colourful QR Codes: here.

  • delivery of specialised QR Code and support systems for Estate Agents: here

Escala will:

  • focus on the technology transfer of skills to new development teams

  • train development teams to make them highly effective from a very early stage

  • assist with early stages of a project to kick-start application development

  • build client software systems, working very closely with management teams

  • work alongside consulting organisations to assist making their clients effective

Java / J2EE / XML / Web Services / DataPower / Smalltalk

Updated 2024-02-02.