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Course - XQuery and XML Storage using IBM DB2 v9

Course overview:

This course is designed specifically for people who will be practically involved with the native storage and processing of XML documents in XML databases. IBM DB2 version 9 is the focus of this course and DB2v9 tools will be used to assist in the development of XML applications using XQuery. XQuery, the W3C standard querying language, is more extensive and powerful than SQL. Most of the features of XQuery will be covered in detail, including programmatic approaches to working with XQuery. Other revelant tools with XQuery capabilities, e.g. XML Spy, will also be used. The course will be run in the context of SOA style development.
This is a highly practical course with numerous workshops.

Who should attend:

Programmers, designers and architects who need to work with DB2 version 9 using the native XML storage and XQuery processing capabilities.

Course objectives:


Working knowledge of XML syntax, XML Schema, XPath & XSLT anda basic understanding of SQL.


3 days

Course contents:

On successful completion of this course:

Attendees will be able to use the native XML storage and XQuery processing capabilities in the context of DB2 v9 development and have gained an intimate knowledge of XQuery, its programming model and range of facilities.

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