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Seminar - XML and Web Services Overview

Seminar overview:

This seminar provides a high-level overview of XML and important associated technologies including Web Services. The main topics cover: XML syntax and structure, validation using DTD and XML Schema, XSLT for XML document transformation and presentation, XSL-Formatting Objects for production of print-oriented output, Web Service technologies SOAP, WSDL, UDDI. The seminar explains how XML is used for both document and data driven applications.

Who should attend:

Managers, architects, project managers, team leaders.

Seminar objectives:


An appreciation of the Internet and WWW.


0.5 day

Seminar contents:

On successful completion of this seminar:

Attendees will be able to appreciate the wide range of uses, positioning, processing and transformations of XML, and be introduced to the most significant XML associated technologies.

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