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Course - Developing Enterprise Web Services using JAX-WS

Course overview:

This course is especially designed for developers who will be involved in deploying e-business applications using SOAP-based Web Services. This course provides a solid background and practical experience of using SOAP to program and deploy both client and server systems. An important facet of the course is demonstrating the use of Web Services to integrate disparate systems.

Web Services are being embraced by all leading software companies as a means of enabling different systems to communicate, and to provide an Internet interface to corporate services. With support from Apache, Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, Sun and others, the technology is destined to become a universal standard. SOAP is the underlying mechanism for Web Services. SOAP is a simple but effective messaging protocol, in XML-format, that is independent of operating system and programming language.

This is a highly practical course and has numerous workshops. The reference implementation of JAX-WS, Metro, is used, along with other relevant tools.
This course can be provided using various Web servers including Apache Tomcat, IBM WebSphere, Glassfish, JBoss, etc.

Who should attend:

Technical staff who wish to implement Java-based Web Service clients and services using JAX-WS.

Course objectives:


Development experience using Java.


4 days

Course contents:

On successful completion of this course:

Attendees will be able to understand how to program and deploy Web Services and understand the mechanisms for accessing and publishing these on the Internet.

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