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Smalltalk Courses

Three variations: Smalltalk for VisualAge, Smalltalk for VisualWorks, Smalltalk for VisualSmalltalk

This is course especially designed for developers, analysts, designers, and other technical staff who will be involved in deploying Smalltalk applications.
Attendees should have some experience of programming. An understanding of basic object-oriented concepts would also be advantageous.
This is a highly practical course and has numerous workshops.


Programming background.


5 days


On successful completion of this course:

Attendees will be able to develop object-oriented Smalltalk programs, using the IDE (VisualAge / VisualWorks / Visual Smalltalk) effectively.
Please note that in each of the variations of this course, there is no instruction on the use of the visual programming tools. However, a User Interface, built using those tools is provided to interface with attendee-built Smalltalk system.

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