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Course - Ruby, ActiveRecord and Rails for Enterprise Applications

Course overview:

This is a course especially designed for developers who will be involved in deploying e-business applications using Ruby, ActiveRecord, Rails and Ajax.
The focus is on providing a solid background in the Ruby programming language, and on clarifying on how the language is used with the ActiveRecord, Rails and Ajax frameworks. ActiveRecord allows easy, high-level, powerful and flexible working with a wide range of databases. Rails allows easy, straightforward and highly productive development of Web applications. Ajax provides capabilities for more effective and satisfying user interaction with Web Applications.
Deployment of Web applications to Application / Web servers (e.g. WebSphere, Tomcat) is covered, using databases such as IBM DB2 and MySQL.
The course covers areas such as good object-oriented principles (including MVC), model building and introduces the idioms relevant to Ruby and Rails development.

An understanding of basic object-oriented concepts would also be advantageous, but is not necessary.
This is a highly practical course having numerous workshops, and can be run using a variety of IDEs including Eclipse.

Who should attend:

People with programming experience who wish to learn Ruby development, using ActiveRecord, Rails and Ajax.

Course objectives:


Strong programming background.


5 days

Course contents:

On successful completion of this course:

Attendees will be able to develop, test and deploy object-oriented Ruby programs, access information on a relational database using ActiveRecord and setup Web applications with Rails.

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11th March 2009