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Course - Enterprise Java Foundation

Course overview:

This is a course especially designed for developers who will be involved in deploying e-business applications. The course would provide an ideal grounding and preparation for attending further courses on J2EE technologies, e.g. IBM WebSphere or BEA WebLogic. The focus is on those aspects that underpin J2EE technologies, using good object-oriented approaches and model building. The latter part of the course is project-based, students building and deploying a system that can be driven using distributed mechanisms such as RMI and Java Servlets.
An understanding of basic object-oriented concepts would also be advantageous, but is not necessary.
This is a highly practical course having numerous workshops, and can be run using a variety of IDEs including Eclipse, NetBeans, IBM RAD.

Who should attend:

People with programming experience who wish to learn object-oriented Java development, focusing on the components that underpin J2EE

Course objectives:


Strong programming background.


5 days

Course contents:

On successful completion of this course:

Attendees will be able to develop object-oriented Java programs, access information on a relational database and distribute objects using RMI. Attendees will be in a position to attend more advanced courses on J2EE technologies (Servlet, JSP, EJB).

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